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Manage and Control Your Lighting

While our demand to lighting increases day by day, energy consumption in our daily life also increases rapidly. Our resources on Earth decreases and we pollute nature due to unconscious energy consumption. Therefore, the importance of systems which provide energy efficiency like lighting automation, new generation luminaires and energy efficient bulbs, increase gradually.

Nowadays inefficient energy consumption has become a global scale problem. We have to keep in mind that we need to reduce our CO2 footprint and protect our climate. We, Yesil Otomasyon, are aware of our responsibility and mission on this matter.

Provide High Quality Engineering

We provide the most up-to-date energy saving methods to our clients with the help of our lighting automation system developed by our experienced engineers.

We care for your comfort also. You don’t need to worry about if the lights are on or off, if you use our well designed lighting luminaires. Sensors used on our system measure the ambient light and luminaires provide the optimum lighting according to sensor measurements.

muhendis-adam2Project Planning, Active Support

Yesil Otomasyon does not only manufacture intelligent lighting automation systems, also provides all active support that you need to implement your project.

  • Smart dimming due to ambient light
  • Automatic operation based on time schedule or motion detection
  • Defining scenarios
  • Flexible structure suitable for add-on features
  • Suitable for different sensor usage

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aydinlatma-otomasyonu-EN1PLC (Powerline Communication)

PLC uses the AC Mains already present at your home or office for communication. PLC only needs a few basic components and does not require additional cables other than mains supply lines.

Basic components,
• PASS (Powerline Automation Server Software)
• Mobille Application for smart phones and/or tablets
• Light and motion detection sensors
• Modem


This is the central management software. Luminaires can be switched on/off, dimmed individually or as a group. You can create scenarios for luminaires or sensors on your facility and they can operate without manual intervention.

• You can monitor current, voltage and energy consumption values obtained periodically from PLC-Controller units
• All datas are stored on database and you can create energy consumption reports
• You can monitor if the luminaire is close to its end of life by following the current, voltage ratings of the luminaire

plc-hup-yesil-otomasyonPLC-HUB (Powerline Communication Hub)

• Works as a gateway between powerline and central management software (PASS)
• Communicates with central management software over Local Area Network (LAN)
• Communicates with PLC-Controllers via powerline
• Transmits requests from central management software to units on powerline
• Transmits responses and status informations from powerline units to central management software

PLC-Controller Unit (RX)

• Controls luminaires according to the requests from central management software (on/off, dim)
• Replies back the status information to central management software after processing the requests
• Transmits the current, voltage, power informations of the luminaire to the central management software periodically. Therefore, you can monitor both the energy consumption of the luminaire and the expected life time of the luminaire


• Connects to the central management software as a client via using the existing wifi infrastructure. Here, the central management software acts as a server.
• More than one smart phone or tablet can connect to the same central management software
• Thanks to the client/server structure, all smart phones and/or tablets will work synchronously with the central management software
• You can also manage and control luminaires via mobile application

sensorler web


• PLC-Controller units are attached to sensors (light or motion detection) and send the information received from sensors to central management software over PLC-Hub
• All lighting system can be controlled automatically by creating sensor scenarios on central management software
• Luminaires can be swicthed off or dimmed to a low value if there is no one in the room to save energy consumption
• Lighting sensor can be used to adjust lighting level of luminaires by measuring the ambient light


• Used to establish Local Area Network
• Central management software, PLC-Hub, smart phones and/or tablets all work on the same LAN via modem