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Nowadays energy efficiency, internet of things and cloud based technologies are getting more and more popular on electronics and new demands are rising day by day throughout the world. Yesil Otomasyon is founded on December 2014 in order to provide solutions on these fields.

A short while after being founded, Yesil Otomasyon signed a consultancy contract with a UK based start-up company, Cloudview (UK) Limited, for hardware design and established a good starting point on its studies about internet of things and cloud based technologies.

The hardware of Cloudview VNA (Visual Network Adapter) is designed for Cloudview (UK) Limited by Yesil Otomasyon within this context and compliance to EN55022 and EN55024 regulations for EMC is also provided.

Also Yesil Otomasyon agreed with Cloudview in order to distribute Cloudview VNA within Turkey.

Besides this, Yesil Otomasyon is also carrying on its R&D activities about vehicle tracking and video recording and is about to release its first mobile NVR, namely Moka.

Yesil Otomasyon continues to work on energy efficiency at the same time. High power IP67 Led drivers, which are used in high power outdoor Led luminaires are designed and Yesil Otomasyon started to manufacture 50W and 75W IP67 led drivers. Yesil Otomasyon can provide Lighting Automation System solution also designed by its own R&D team within this context.

Another important subject which Yesil Otomasyon focuses is electrical vehicle charging stations. A Human Machine Interface (HMI), which is the key part for an electrical vehicle charging station, is designed for a local company. This HMI is responsible for payment collection and it gives the possibility of monitoring and controlling charging stations from a remote computer.

A very key component, namely EVCE COMBOX, in electrical vehicle charging stations is also designed and manufactured by Yesil Otomasyon. This is basically a communication box which is responsible of the communication between electric vehicle charging equipment (EVCE) and electric vehicle. It provides the electrical safety and is in compliance with EN-61851-1 Mod 3 regulation.


To provide simpler, smarter and more secure solutions by conducting R&D based studies on energy efficiency, internet of things and cloud technologies.


By the help of our innovative and R&D based approach, we are willing to deliver high technology products, which improve people’s quality of life, to both national and international markets.